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About us

Carpet Cleaning Sydney is a locally owned and managed cleaning company that aims at providing top quality, professional cleaning services to a wide range of customers at no extra cost. The company was established a number of years ago and has been a part of this dynamic and ever-changing industry since. The idea behind the business was simple and straightforward – to provide the best value for money cleaning service without charging a fortune for it. This business philosophy seemed to have hit the spot with our customers and it wasn’t long before results started to show.

Another factor that has been detrimental in Carpet Cleaning Sydney’s success is the fact that all cleaning services are provided by the same company, all under one roof so to speak. There is absolutely no point in sifting through numerous ads and offers in local papers or online listings looking for the right service at the right price, when you can just pick up the phone and have us resolve all your cleaning issues at once without charging an arm and a leg for it. Having to deal with a single service provider for all your cleaning needs is a much better option than trying to deal with a number of companies all at the same time.

Customers can order a single service or a comprehensive combination of cleaning services, there will be no delays, misunderstandings or errors as all procedures from booking to payment are done by the same operator. Good service is not just about good cleaning practices and expensive equipment though. Carpet Cleaning Sydney knows that proper customer service is a vital part of business success and we have made it our business to find, hire and train the best customer service staff we could, and we looked far and wide for them. Now our customers can enjoy courteous, knowledgeable and punctual customer support service that actually gets the job done and doesn’t waste time or effort. So if you are looking for real value for money service, delivered with professionalism and a smile, call today and experience the difference.