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Any company management would be aware that price and quality are the two factors that can make or break a service company. Biasing certain types of services with either price or quality will alter the fine economical balance that keeps the business running properly. There is no point in providing an overpriced service that doesn’t really serve a purpose with the customer or a cheap service that cuts all corners and fails to deliver results. A company must reach the golden middle so to speak, a healthy balance of quality and pricing that promotes the service and delivers results. Carpet Cleaning Sydney believes the balance has been reached and our customers seem to be enjoying the opportunity to receive quality cleaning services at moderate prices, carried out by trained and friendly professionals that can handle a job with no fuss.

Another aspect of price forming that usually gets in the way of smooth business operations is burdening the quoted and agreed prices with additional costs, unmentioned fees and other fine-print related issues imposed by the given service provider. Unfortunately, most of the time customers are already committed and liable and will pretty much be forced to pay the additional or unmentioned amount.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney implements a strict price policy which disallows for additional charges or hidden fees charged on top of an already quoted and agreed price. Should the need be there for alteration of the given quote, we will discuss it with our customers and inform them in detail what was the reason for the change and why the change in figures.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney customers can receive a free quotation for each of our services or for a combination of those. The customer consultant staff dealing with quotes and prices is specially trained and has thorough understanding of the cleaning industry and the business itself thus allowing them to prepare adequate and reflective, individually tailored quotes. Quotes can be received over the phone or requested online through our website. All prices are inclusive of materials and equipment, customers will not be charged extra for these.