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mattress cleaning SydneyMattress cleaning is one of the most important cleaning procedures around the house. Many people would not be aware of the fact that their mattress is actually one of the major house pollutants, especially older mattresses. Given the nature and make of older mattresses, they tend to accumulate dust, pollen, bacteria, mould, fungi and a whole range of other irritants and pollutants which could eventually prove harmful. Over a period of time, everyday use of the mattress leaves skin residue in the form of millions of dead cells, which happen to be a substantial part of the visible house dust found around the room. The accumulation of dead skin cells over time will inevitably lead to the forming of dust mites, a colony of tiny insect invaders that can cause many health problems including skin rashes and other external irritations.

The interior environment around the house could also have an effect on mattress hygiene, for instance, older mattresses that have been used in humid rooms will in time develop mould and fungi on the inside of the mattress causing it to smell bad and feel rather clammy to the touch.

mattress cleaningCleaning Services Sydney wishes to extend this useful, value for money service to more households and encourages families with small children to take advantage of this offer and have their mattresses professionally cleaned and disinfected. Another versatile thing about our mattress cleaning service is the fact that the bulky, awkward mattress will not have to be moved at all as our trained cleaning technicians will simply clean the mattress where it is – this saves a load of time and effort and makes life easier for everyone. Cleaning Services Sydney uses different types of cleaning techniques depending on the type and material of the mattress and its actual state. Customers can be sure that all work will be done without the use of toxic chemicals or harsh solvents. The mattress cleaning service runs seven days a week and covers all areas. Call Cleaning Services Sydney today and enjoy a hassle free, affordable service at a fraction of the cost.