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Rug Cleaning

rug cleaning sydneyRug cleaning is another one of our quality cleaning services. Rug cleaning is usually considered to be a skill and effort intensive task simply because a rug is thicker and much harder to clean than regular carpets. Rugs are also usually more valuable as most of the time they are hand made pieces of art, made in far away corners of the world and require super fine touch and lots of professional care. Cleaning Services Sydney doesn’t shy away from rug cleaning and can assure its customers that all of our rug cleaning specialists have undergone additional company training in order to sharpen their technical and practical skills even more.

Cleaning Services Sydney also recommends professional cleaning of rugs, regardless of their value because conventional cleaning and washing methods will not prove to be very effective and can cause damage to the rug itself. Professional rug cleaning is done with special equipment that saves the rug from unnecessary water and chemical exposure, bear in mind that many of these rugs are made of expensive natural materials like wool or cotton. Depending on the type and state of the given rug, our expert technicians will implement a suitable cleaning method in order to yield best results with no risk for the fibers, colours or texture of the rug. All materials used are non-toxic and biodegradable, they pose no danger to occupants and their pets.

rug cleaning SydneyThe rug cleaning performed by Cleaning Services Sydney is competitively priced and delivers quality results every time. Your rugs will be brighter, softer and will smell much better when the cleaning is finished. All the work is done with industrial grade equipment that is guaranteed to clean deep inside the rug, all the way to the very root of the fibers. As expected, we will protect and look after the rug and its fibers throughout the whole cleaning process as this is of utmost importance to us. We will apply adequate cleaning techniques and successfully clean even the most sensitive of rugs.